Annual Meetings (2008-2015)

Poised to writeFrom 2008 through 2015, NCIN hosted eight annual program liaison summits. Meetings convened scholars, industry leaders, and grantees from 130 unique schools of nursing to explore best practices in accelerated nursing education. Each year, attendees met to discuss timely topics and share innovative and emerging approaches for accelerated nursing degree programs. Workshops, panels, and presentations helped liaisons strengthen their programs and ultimately increase the pipeline of students traditionally underrepresented in nursing. A brief description of each meeting can be found below.


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 2015: Celebrating Our Legacy: Diversity, Innovation, Leadership
In September 2015, NCIN held its Grand Finale Summit. Liaisons from the program’s seven cohorts were invited to attend Celebrating Our Legacy: Diversity, Innovation, Leadership to reflect on NCIN’s history and discuss opportunities to sustain work for the future.   

2014: Sustaining Momentum, Advancing Change
In October 2014, NCIN liaisons gathered in Rosemont, Ill. to discuss strategies for Sustaining Momentum, Advancing Change. The meeting provided grantees with a groundwork to utilize efforts and initiatives started by the NCIN program.

2013: Transforming the Academic Environment and Organizational Culture
In October 2013, the NCIN community met in the nation’s capital to explore challenges in the nursing community. Accelerating Nursing Education 6.0: Transforming the Academic Environment and Organizational Culture focused discussion on how to evolve practices in both the classroom and the workplace.
2012: Building on Five Years of Success
To mark NCIN’s fifth anniversary, the 2012 summit was held in Washington, D.C. The October meeting took on a celebratory tone as attendees considered NCIN’s achievements to-date. Building on Five Years of Success hosted presentations focused on program outcomes, materials, and NCIN resources.

2011: Optimizing Student Success for the Future of Nursing
Held in Washington, D.C. in October 2011, the NCIN summit convened grantees to discuss various topics around Optimizing Student Success for the Future of Nursing. Concerned with the future of nursing and how NCIN scholars will play a part in that future, industry leaders and educators participated in passionate, productive, and forward-thinking conversations.

2010: Strategies to Transform the Nursing Workforce
The third annual summit brought together NCIN program liaisons to discuss Strategies to Transform the Nursing Workforce. Held for a second year in Washington, D.C., the September meeting addressed the role of mentoring and leadership as well as strategies to recruit and retain traditionally underrepresented students.

2009: Building and Sustaining Diverse Student Enrollment in Accelerated Degree Programs
In October 2009, NCIN held its second annual program liaisons’ summit in Washington, D.C. With a focus on Building and Sustaining Diverse Student Enrollment in Accelerated Degree Programs, the meeting provided workshops and panels on interracial communications, diverse recruitment and retention, and culturally competent nursing education.
2008: Focus on Accelerated Degree Programs
The inaugural NCIN summit was held in December 2008 in San Antonio, Texas. With the theme Focus on Accelerated Degree Programs, the summit explored the unique characteristics of accelerated nursing degree students and provided expert advice on how to effectively work with NCIN scholars.