Diverse Backgrounds at Cleveland State University Come Together for Nursing

They come from industry, business and teaching professions. They hail from both small and large communities around the country. But, however diverse their backgrounds, they share similar, defining attributes.

They are committed.  They are optimistic.  They are altruistic at heart.  And, above all, they want to be a nurse.

Over the past year, twenty deserving nursing students at Cleveland State University (CSU) received scholarships from the New Careers in Nursing program in order to further this shared dream.  These recipients represent those unaccounted for in the nursing field, enabling CSU to build a stronger and more diverse pool of graduates.  At a time when the economy has been deeply burdened, NCIN funding has allowed students a second and affordable chance at nursing.  One such visual success has been a growth in gender presence, as half of the year’s scholarships went to men. 

Head of the school of nursing at Cleveland State University’s College of Education and Human Services, Dr. Cheryl Delgado has watched scholars successfully transition into the accelerated program- one that is demanding while still affording time to balance family.  After recently mentoring scholars through their first clinical, Delgado pointed to the benefits of maturity in accelerated students. “Their experiences enable them to serve in practice settings in the community in concert with local churches, food banks, homeless shelters and other venues.”

Each student has their own unique and personal reason to pursue a career in nursing.  Delgado is in it for her grandchildren. “They are the future.  They are what we as nurses work for.”