University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA
 To ensure scholars had adequate mentoring support, the school of nursing scheduled frequent meetings for mentors and mentees, and developed a toolkit.

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Degrees Conferred: 
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 Round 1: 2008 – 2009
Josh Curphy
Ernestin Mambo
Sumnima Neupane
Candace Peterson
Brian Steil
Keith Walker
Lia Yoon
The University of Iowa used its NCIN grant to leverage resources and hire a faculty member to teach pre-licensure students as part of their practice assignment. The University of Iowa was one of the first schools to initiate an NCIN Scholar Mentor Program. The university also conducted a review of literature to identify best practices for a successful mentorship program and produced a toolkit. University officials conducted a survey about the program; it revealed that mentors and mentees were in close and frequent contact.