Hampton University School of Nursing

Hampton, VA
 Scholars had the opportunity to see what organizations and companies were looking for in their hiring. One student observed, “Faculty can teach us the skills to become a nurse, but we have to develop our character by modeling professionalism.”

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Round 4: 2011 – 2012
Dawn Culley
Delores Mack
Natalya Thomas
Andrea Wright
 For several years, enrollment in Hampton University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing pro- gram had failed to reach enrollment targets. NCIN helped reverse that trend; in one year, enrollment jumped by 31 percent. Internally, the school faced challenges, including project delays and cancellations. While heavier teaching loads undermined full implementation of NCIN’s leadership program, the university was able to implement a thriving mentoring program that has contributed to the continued success of its graduates. Staff members said the NCIN program had a “profound impact” on the school and its scholars, exposing them to provocative panel discussions and insightful conversations with nurse leaders from various health care organizations.


I believe this about nursing..."You can do and be anything in this world if you just believe."