Edgewood College

Madison, WI
 Administrators publicized NCIN funding, which attracted other major donors. New funds have helped the college expand so that it can accommodate more and more diverse, students

Grant Years:

Degrees Conferred: 
Scholarships Awarded: 


Round 4: 2011-2012
Spencer Goldfield
David Harrison
Scott Kastel
Josue Maldonado
Karl Struckmeyer
Round 5: 2012-2013
Darryl Bryson
Juan Cullum
Justin Easter
Simran Jolly
Alessandra Law
Round 6: 2013-2014
Chelsey Barsen
Elliot Consigny
Ray Kline
Emily Lichte
James McLay
Christopher Nelson
Sean Richter
Jessica Stamman
Julia Umhoefer
Jazmin Williams
Round 7: 2014-2015
Emily Burgmeier
Adrianna Lemus
Megan Marks
Christopher Martin
Matthew Salasky
 NCIN not only helped the Edge- wood College School of Nursing boost enrollment of students from backgrounds underrepresented in nursing in its Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, it also enabled the school to expand the number of faculty positions. NCIN’s Pre-Entry Immersion Program (PIP) Toolkit was used to advise and mentor students, and the NCIN scholarship program helped improve its orientation, mentoring, and leadership support. As a result of success with the NCIN scholars, the school used the same resources for all its ABSN students. All students in the accelerated program now benefit from NCIN’s PIP and its mentoring and leadership programs. NCIN funds helped attract funding for renovation, which in turn allowed for growth in the nursing pro- gram, which will help address nursing shortages in Wisconsin.