Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development with Dr. David Caruso

David's Professional HeadshotDr. Caruso is a management psychologist who develops and conducts emotional intelligence training around the world. David’s services include leader development, career assessment, team effectiveness training, and executive coaching. 

At Yale University, he is the Special Assistant to the Dean of Yale College. David has co-authored dozens of scientific publications, as well as the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test and, with Peter Salovey, the practical, how-to book, The Emotionally Intelligent Manager.
During the Thursday presentation Dr. Caruso guided the group toward understanding what emotional intelligence is and how to apply its principles in nursing. This meeting will focused on working to understand the core skills of EI: Recognize, utilize, and regulate your own and others emotions. Taking time to consider, what EI predicts, matching mood to task, and discuss emotion management techniques.
Session slides availible for download below