Resource Topics Definitions



Academic Advancement:

Academic Advancement: The continuous progression of students as they advance from one academic degree to the next. Presentation, posters, strategies related to student retention and progression. Topics related to Doctoral Advancement in Nursing.

Accelerated Nursing Education:

Accelerated Nursing Education: Materials related to the description of accelerated programs, curriculum and pedagogy issues; faculty teaching and student learning issues; enrollment, and graduation rates for students; and issues of faculty recruitment and retention.


Evaluation: Documents, presentations, conference papers posters with the primary purpose of evaluation, in addition to gaining insight into prior or existing initiatives. Presentations and documents related to the programmatic evaluation of NCIN or grantees that address the degree of achievement or value in regard to the aim and objectives and results of any such action that has been completed.

Leadership Development:

Leadership Development: Documents, papers, presentations, web conferences related to Leadership Development of scholars. These will include presentations from the Summits, as well as poster presentations. The Leadership Development Toolkit and other technical assistance resources that focus on leadership. Sample leadership development plans.


Mentoring: All documents, articles, presentations, web conferences that refer to mentoring. This will include presentations from the Summits, as well as poster presentations. The Mentoring Toolkit will be one of the major resources on this site. Sample mentoring plans.

Professional Practice

Professional Practice: Documents related to entry into professional practice, career development, issues related to current workplace issues. Matters related to scope and standards of nursing practice. Posting of opportunities for earning CE units required for nursing license renewal; issues related to state boards of nursing.


Recruitment/Diversity: Documents related to recruitment of diverse populations, underrepresented groups, males in nursing. The Recruitment Toolkit will be a prime resource on in this category. Web conferences related to recruitment will be included and audio/pod casts are included


Research: Broadly address matters of current research regarding accelerated nursing education; diversity in educational settings; and all relevant reports of nursing research that relate to the overall goals of NCIN program.


Retention: Topics related to the Pre-Entry Immersion Program. Any web conferences, presentations and documents related to retention, academic tutoring, technical assistance forms.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance: Orientation web conferences, narrative reports web conferences, Summit new grantee orientation presentations, all forms need for meeting grant requirements, news release templates.