Research on Teaching and Learning in Accelerated Nursing Education

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Professor, Department of Nursing
University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Cheryl Brandt’s master’s degree in nursing prepared her to be a nurse educator. She has been in nursing education since 1982. Most of her teaching has been in baccalaureate nursing programs; she began teaching in graduate nursing programs about 10 years ago. She was privileged to be the Accelerated Second-Degree BSN (ABSN) Program Coordinator at UW-Eau Claire for three and a half years. With her teaching colleagues she had the opportunity to apply best practices in teaching/learning as they worked with the ABSN students. They became
particularly interested in the experience of faculty who teach in these demanding accelerated programs, ultimately authoring a book chapter on the experience and conducting a survey of ABSN faculty that has resulted in one publication. Analysis of that survey data continues and they are preparing a second manuscript.

Senior Research Scientist
Policy Evaluation and Research Center, Educational Testing Services
Catherine Millett is a senior research scientist in the Policy Evaluation and Research Center at Educational Testing Service. Her research focuses on educational access, student performance and achievement, educational equity, and student financing for various population groups in the United States at the postsecondary educational level. Millett directs the evaluation of the NCIN program. She co-led the evaluation of the Goldman Sachs Foundation’s signature initiative “Developing High-Potential Youth." She is co-author of the book Three Magic Letters: Getting to Ph.D. which is based on a research study of more than 9,000 doctoral students at 21 universities. Millett received her BA degree in economics from Trinity College, Hartford, CT; her EdM in Administration Planning and Social Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education; and her PhD in Public Policy in Higher Education from the University of Michigan. Millett is a member of the Millhill Child and Family Development Corporation Board of Trustees.

Session Objective:
Identify current research related to teaching and learning in accelerated nursing education.
Session Overview:
1. Present findings of the Brandt, Boellaard, and Zorn study (2012)
2. Background on Accelerated Second-Degree BSN (ABSN) Programs
3. Research Questions of the study
4. Review of existing literature on ABSN faculty
5. Method of the study, including design, sample and sampling, description of the survey, and qualitative data analysis strategy
6. Findings of the study, including description of the respondents and the themes identified in their responses to the three items in Domain One of the survey, the “Experience of Teaching” domain.
7. Discussion of the findings and their relationship to previous research limitations of the study
8. Implications of the findings for nursing faculty and educational administrators
9. Implications of the findings for future research
10. Presentation will conclude with a question/answer/ discussion session.
11. Present NCIN Teaching and Learning Survey Findings