Organizational Culture: Why Diversity Matters

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 Jacinta Gauda is chair of Corporate Communications for Grayling, an international communications firm, specializing in diversity and inclusion; change management and professional development.

 Jacinta is an executive coach and expert communications trainer. She has developed talent acquisition and global corporate diversity programs for leading corporations. She has been a featured speaker at law conferences and at numerous business forums. A seasoned facilitator, her expertise includes post-merger corporate cultural integration strategies and developing consensus-building programs.

 Jacinta is on the faculty of the Fast Company's 30 Second MBA where she is featured among global business leaders addressing timely business issues. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Urban Fellows and the Advisory Board for the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network. She has served on the Advisory Board of The Points of Light Foundation. She holds a degree in education from Harris College, St. Louis, Missouri, and has been certified by the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program.

 Under the leadership of Jacinta, Grayling has developed a top-tier practice with a proven track record for conducting and analyzing best practice research, developing and implementing effective internal and external strategies, and helping organizations through times of crisis.


 Session Overview:

Many institutions of higher education attempt to provide students with tools or strategies to succeed in college but fail to consider the influence that organizational cultures have on success.  The session will focus on how to create environments that engage underrepresented students intentionally and frequently with diverse others as well as with pedagogies that allow them to collaborate in a learning environment that embraces diversity. Based on a comprehensive meta-analysis of the literature supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this session will highlight the best diversity practices in academic environments.

 Session Objective:

1.                Describe best diversity practices in academic environments.

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