The Lived NCIN Experience

Summit Year: 
Presented By: 
Kathy Rideout, EdD, PNP-BC, FNAP, Kaydean Harris, RN, BS
Kathy Rideout, EdD, PNP-BC, FNAP, University of Rochester
Kathy Rideout is the senior associate dean of Academic Affairs at the University Of Rochester School Of Nursing (URSON).URSON has been fortunate to receive all seven rounds of funding for the RWJF/NCIN Program. Rideout has been the program liaison for NCIN since the initial funding and is responsible for the oversight of the program. The NICN funding has provided support for 91 students through all seven rounds and has been instrumental in increasing recruitment of students and expansion of faculty and educational resources.

Kaydean Harris, RN, BS, NCIN Scholar, University of Rochester
Kaydean Harris, a  2012 RWJF/NCIN Scholar, who, upon graduation, was offered a position as a “near-peer” mentor, serving in the Center for Academic and Professional Success at the University of Rochester. This past year, Harris was accepted into the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Doctorate Nursing Practice program and has become an integral member of the University’s student support network.  She was an integral participant in the URSON RWJF scholar program and can speak brilliantly about how the NCIN program transformed her life.

Session Overview:
Discuss and define the benefits of being an NCIN scholar.

Session Objectives:
1.      Describe the transformative experience that the NCIN program has had on University of Rochester School of Nursing.
2.     Discuss strategies for continuing the transformation post-NCIN funding.