Villanova University

Villanova, PA
 NCIN scholars worked with mentors, who were carefully matched with students based on shared backgrounds or similar educational or work experiences.

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Round 2: 2009 – 2010
Mona Akhlaghi
Lauren Dornin
Shawn Ellison
Flower Habte
Emily Lang
Jordona Ndon
Dorris Ogbuehi
Louis Pagnoni
Anthony Ruffo
 Program leaders took a holistic approach to leadership development, implementing a plan that addressed academic performance, professional growth, community service, mentoring, recruitment, and more. The Villanova leadership development program began before the start of school and continued through the academic year. It helped students take stock of their leadership experiences, better understand their leadership styles, and identify personal and professional leadership goals. NCIN scholarship recipients also reached out to more senior students to get insights about their experiences in the nursing program, and had the opportunity to meet with nurse leaders, who offered them advice and counsel.