University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI
School of Nursing alumni mentor accelerated nursing students, providing guidance on careers and opportunities for interactions that nurture professional socialization

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 Round 2: 2009 – 2010
Adam Chaignot
Naomi Cutler
Lyudmila Goldiner
Melanie Hearsch
Lynn Hozak
Amira Jackson
Clara Julien
Matthew Kaiser
Michael Lee Kwek
Scott Malinowski
Kristen Muehlhauser
Jessie Smith
Sara West
 Partly due to the NCIN grants, the school of nursing developed a Second Career Alumni Mentoring Program. Staff knew that mentoring relationships were vital to accelerated second-career nursing programs, given the intensity and speed with which students complete their studies. The mentoring program includes both personal and professional support for students, with a focus on academic achievement, career planning and development, and networking with health care systems and practicing nurses. School of Nursing alumni have been enthusiastic mentors and have demonstrated clinical and professional leadership and a range of specialties, so scholars could be matched based on their interests and the attributes they were seeking in a mentor.