State University of New York University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY
Student testimonials confirmed that the NCIN scholarships made it possible for them to attend school, and that leadership and mentorship activities made professional growth possible and helped them take a proactive approach to addressing issues in nursing and health care.
FUormerly State University of New York at Buffalo

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Round 3: 2010 – 2011
Gupreet Kaur
Heather Maiman
Quinn Maloney
Amanda Marks
Ali Mohammed
Adam Sollazo
Julie Wisniewski
 The school of nursing partnered with the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to identify displaced workers who were looking to re-enter the job market or to further their education and training, and who were interested in nursing and qualified for admission to the program. Six of SUNY Buffalo’s eight NCIN scholars were identified through the WIB. An expanded orientation program helped students entering the program make connections within the group so scholars could assist each other with housing and transportation. The orientation activities also helped students became better acquainted with faculty. The leadership and mentoring activities helped scholars learn what it is like to be a health care professional and gave them tools and strategies to sup- port their work both in the classroom and in clinical settings.