Samford University

Birmingham, AL
Undergraduate faculty course coordinators evaluated the Accelerated Second-Degree Program curriculum and planned to revise it to meet the specific needs of adult learners in an accelerated learning environment.

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 Round 3: 2010 – 2011
Phil Breiner
Jonathan Gosnell
Timothy Griffin
Asya Love
Shayla Montgomery
Joshua Talley
Aaron Walker
Round 6: 2013 – 2014
Andrew Carter
Lya Chavarria
Tyler McBeth
Robert Stephenson
Round 7: 2014 – 2015
Farah Hussain
Alysha Jackson
Lars Larson
Kristian Taylor
 As a result of NCIN funding, the Samford University, Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing has been able to increase partnerships with area hospitals and place new graduate nurses in jobs. The school also increased partnerships with health care technology companies like Vocera, introducing students to new products. A community health nursing course offered leadership and learning opportunities, especially during the summer of 2011, following devastating tornadoes in the state. All students in the accelerated nursing program participated in a public health forum, Tornado Recovery and Vulnerable Populations. The project helped make faculty more aware that adult, second-degree students must be taught differently than traditional students. A presentation on the accelerated nursing program supported by NCIN was featured at an international conference in 2012.