Kent State University

Kent, OH
Kent State University’s post-grant plans include maintaining its satellite sites to recruit a diverse group of students, continuing to encourage college athletes to become nurses, and continuing the online Pre-Entry Immersion Program.

Grant Years:

Degrees Conferred: 
Scholarships Awarded: 


Round 1: 2008 – 2009
Kimberly Ares
Eric Bell
Kevin Desatnik
Victoria Dorsey
Martin Duru
Cecilia Gallardo
Roni Isom
Lauren Mccollough
Anthony Turner
Round 2: 2009 – 2010
Annie Barkley
Paul Bassett
Damyia Clayborne
Dominique Dunn
Krystal Edwards
simret habtu
James Hines
Paul Jameson
Hirut Kassa
Jacob Keaton
Matthew Lawson
Paul Mooibroek
Cory Pessetti
Bindu Rai
Isharon Reynolds
Tovah Toltzis
Lauren Trevino
Judy VanCuren
James Whitacre
Round 3: 2010 – 2011
Eric Ambros
Jasmine Baker
Eric Bryan
Nicole Gilmore
Falisha Lee
Jacquia Lindsay
John Moretti
Sandra Noriega
John Pederzolli
Spencer Smith
Round 4: 2011 – 2012
Stephanie Arbelaz
Jeff Bose
Michael Dota
Christohpher Fogarty
Samuel Krill
Jacob Nicholson
Danielle Pendergras
Matthew Wolbert
Round 5: 2012 – 2013
Jeremy Cohen
Stephanie Croskey
Raquel Davis
Vivian Fru
Ogechi Igwe
Eric Kohr
Michael Mewhinney
Madison Miranda
Jasmine Owens
The NCIN grant enabled the college of nursing to expand its Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program to communities that serve disadvantaged and urban populations, especially in Akron and Cleveland. Evening and weekend programs, conducted via satellite and through partnerships with Summa Health Systems and University Hospitals of Cleveland, allowed students to work full time while studying. These satellite programs also helped the college enhance the diversity of its clinical faculty. Summa Health Systems invited the college to develop a diversity pipeline to encourage students from Backgrounds underrepresented in nursing to apply and work as nurse technicians while they were enrolled in passed licensure examinations.


This I believe about nursing… “Nursing takes innovation, imagination and reflection.”

This I believe about nursing… “It is a health care career that opens the door to countless opportunities to help those who are ill, injured or unable to care for themselves.”

I believe this about nursing… “Having the opportunity to help people at their most vulnerable state and being able to make a difference is what makes this profession one of the most rewarding fields to be a part of.”

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is a path of devotion, hard work and an overwhelming desire to serve those in need.”

I believe this about nursing…. “Nursing is proud vital profession and I am truly dedicated to the age-old traditions of human compassion, empathic care and the promotion of social good.”

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is a profession which is one unit art, another unit science, and a full dose of remarkable.”

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is not only a career, but a way of life.  It starts in the heart, spreads to the body, and continues through your soul.” 

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing isn’t just a career-it’s a calling.”

I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is an occupation that requires one’s care about individuals, their families and the quality of life.”

I believe this about nursing… “It is not only for the ill”.