Indiana Wesleyan University

Marion, IN
 Previously, core leadership competencies were included in a course about nurse management and leadership, which took place at the end of study. Thanks to NCIN, scholars are now able to learn and develop leadership skills throughout the program

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 Round 4: 2011 – 2012
Tyler Ashley
Sean Devlin
Richard Esters
Akil Foderingham
 NCIN scholars engaged in core leadership competency activities early in their academic journeys and put their leadership skills into practice as they transitioned into their first nursing jobs. Registered nurses, including four who were alumni of the university, mentored the NCIN scholars. NCIN’s success resulted from inter-disciplinary collaboration, leadership training, and lower attrition due to the additional financial and leadership support. The five $10,000 NCIN student scholarships, awarded to students from backgrounds underrepresented in nursing, were announced in the Marion, Indiana Chronicle-Tribune and in the school’s bi-annual Spotlight on nursing magazine.