CUNY, Lehman College

Bronx, NY
All the NCIN scholars enhanced their leadership skills and learned about themselves through work with their mentors, use of NCIN’s Leadership Toolkit, and through speaking and mentoring experiences

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Round 3: 2010-2011
Marisol DeLeon
Ezra Hoover
Reiny Jimenez
Gehuany Sanchez
Janelle Williams
Wesley Willis 
NCIN scholars put their leader- ship skills to the test when they mentored 15 high school students seeking academic challenges and opportunities to explore careers through CUNY’s Mentor Connection Program. The program is run by the Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions and the Bronx-Westchester Area Health, obesity/diabetes, alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention, HIV/AIDS, STD prevention and awareness, and other topics to be shared at workshops. Leading by example, scholars viewed themselves as emerging leaders and have since joined national nursing organizations and become active volunteers in their communities. All explored nursing specialties to further Education Center. The NCIN scholars developed materials on topics including their studies.