Columbia University

New York, NY
 Lunches and dinner events provided opportunities for scholars to engage in meaningful discussions with staff and faculty, to reflect on their experiences, and to establish a foundation for lifelong participation in mentoring activities.

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Round 5: 2012-2013
Elizabeth Gary
Fabiola Murcia
Nabestse Oeguera Tapia
Haram Park
Jose Villa
Round 6: 2013-2014
Daniel Billings
Erika Cabrera
Cindy Ha
Nneka McPherson
Round 7: 2014-2015
Amanda Alemezohu
Athena Amini
Estefany Flores-Cortez
Matthew Hadley
Sharlene Lansiquot
Noellyn Robleto
Josie Rodriguez
Shahnaz Singh-Kandah
Laquisha Springer
Thu Trinh
 Columbia University’s NCIN scholars were paired with peer and faculty mentors who met with them throughout the year to discuss their progress in the accelerated nursing program, their challenges and their experiences. Monthly lunches enabled staff and faculty to check in with students on their progress and address any questions or concerns. At a school-hosted dinner, NCIN scholars were introduced to NCIN alumni and other nursing leaders at the school who provided a network of support. The scholars also engaged in a discussion with a steering committee member from the NCIN Scholars Net- work—an alumni network founded by NCIN scholars—to discuss joining the network and learn about the resources it offers to scholars.


I believe this about nursing ... no matter where you come from you can always make a difference. 

I believe this about nursing… "Nursing is a profession where the need to understand your patient outweighs your need to be understood."