Catholic University of America

Washington, DC
The educational supports available through NCIN helped equalize the learning environment for financially strapped students and contributed to the retention and good standing of its scholars.

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 Round 1: 2008-2009
Olivia Anaele-Nwogu
Monique Anderson
Kodzovi Byll
Ijeoma Ebelugwu
Susana Lopez
 The School of Nursing at Catholic University used multiple strategies to recruit diverse students into its accelerated nursing program, including advertising, financial aid packages, existing scholarships, resources from the Latino Nursing Career Opportunity Program, a dedicated school of nursing recruiter, on-site job fairs, open houses, and more. Retention efforts were also robust, and included helping scholars who were immigrants better understand English and learn medical terminology, and ensuring that diverse faculty members could serve as men- tors and role models. NCIN scholars also had open access to the computer lab and free printing, and were offered courses to help them prepare for the NCLEX..