Belmont University

Nashville, TN
Leadership activities included participation in community projects and hospital-wide or community continuing education programs supported by local chapters of various nursing organizations, including minority nursing associations.

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Round 2: 2009-2010
Michael Bell
Eric Griesheimer
Monique Hatley
Robyn Higgins
Tiffany Luster
Shuntae Mason
Judith Morse
Erica Ross
Carl Standley
Round 3: 2010-2011
Alexis Aiello
Jennifer Bischoff
Felicia Daniel
Scott Lindquist
Marquita Orr
Nick Pagliari
Ashley Pier
Rachel Poage
Holly Shomwell
Matthew Thomas
Belmont University addressed the challenges associated with the economic downturn by embracing growth and expansion. The school created a second spring cohort and increased the diversity of its student nursing body through a media campaign. As a result, male enrollment jumped from 5 percent to 23 percent of nursing students, and minority enrollment increased from 14 percent to 33 percent. Belmont University’s comprehensive recruitment and retention plan included mentorship, leadership development, and an individualized plan for each student. Most benefitted from peer-to-peer tutoring, mentoring from community nurse leaders, and engagement with community service