Ashland University

Mansfield, OH
 The toolkits and programs that were implemented to support NCIN scholars continue to benefit all students enrolled in the Entry-Level Master’s program.

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Round: 5: 2012-2013
Benjamin Boemer
James Lower
Chikaodi Oti
Julie Park
"NCIN scholars at Ashland University singled out NCIN’s Pre-Entry
Immersion Program (PIP) as a beneficial resource because it provided a valuable orientation and supported their transition into the accelerated nursing program. Students said it helped them improve study skills, time management, and medical terminology; understand different styles of learning; and better utilize program resources. Students also said the PIP opened their eyes to the unique value of an accelerated nursing education track. Seventy-five percent of NCIN scholars went on to apply to graduate programs, both at the master’s and doctoral levels. Ashland University continues to use the PIP today.