Turquoise Abdullah

December 2013
Class of 2014


I believe this about nursing... "It is the frontline defense in the healthcare world."
I believe nursing is the frontline defense in the healthcare world. I have seen this in my clinical experiences as well as personal experiences when going to the hospitals or a simple doctor’s appointment. For this reason among others I have chosen to pursue a career in nursing. I have had a passion for helping people and science for as long as I can remember. This has been fostered through my upbringing. My mother, who goes above and beyond to help others and my father who is a nurse and engineer also instilled my love for helping others along with science. Both careers in which my father pursued were very rigorous and he instilled in me the ability to work hard for what you love. This work ethic along with the Robert Woods Johnson Scholarship helped me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Delaware. The scholarship was a vital contribution in my pursuit as it allowed me to focus more on the importance of my academics and not the financial hindrance of furthering my education. This ultimately allowed me to obtain academic honors in my accelerated program but most importantly the confidence and sound knowledge base to be a competent nurse upon graduation.

 When I began my journey to becoming a nurse I was quite sure that this was the field for me but now as I am so close to completing my program I am absolutely positive that this is the career for me. With the help of my supportive faculty, they have nurtured my passion for nursing and have planted the seed for many different opportunities for which I would have never considered. I have found that in nursing there are endless opportunities and in each there lies the greatest gift of helping others. Aside from helping others, nursing is a field in which it helps you. In this field in cultivates a greater appreciation for life and the real importance in it. This is fostered every day that you put on scrubs and only increases as you continue your career, how many careers allow for you to do this?