Tiffany Trowles

January 2012
Class of 2013


I believe this about nursing…"It is more than just a career; it is a passionate commitment to give all that you can to the people and environment around you."

I battled with what direction I wanted to go in regarding my future, as many often do. Yet, one thing never changed and that was that whichever route I chose, I wanted to be able to help people and give back to my community. Growing up in a fairly small town opened my eyes to the need for people to give back. It also showed me the importance and need of good health care and health care providers. I often volunteered at nursing homes, soup kitchens, daycares, and the Salvation Army, but it was soon after I began volunteering at UMC’s Blair Batson’s Children Hospital that I realized I could see myself on a hospital floor making a difference in someone’s life. Life is a precious gift, and by becoming a nurse not only can I contribute to improving the health and safety of a patient, but I can also help make their stay in the hospital a comfortable one.

As a nursing student I have learned that it takes a great deal to provide the best care. As a nurse I will have to be careful, kind, patient, alert, and a critical thinker just to name a few; but I am ready for these tasks and more. I am being prepared to be the nurse that will have a positive impact in the life of every patient that I encounter while providing optimum care. I also anticipate the impact that others will be able to have in my life. Seeing the strength and optimism of a very ill patient, hearing the stories of people’s lives, witnessing the ill become well, and knowing that I made a difference even if it is merely putting a smile on someone’s face will make my journey worthwhile.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is helping me to make it to my destination. Not only has it helped me financially, but it is providing me with the guidance, additional support, and leadership training that will help me to excel above and beyond my expectations. One day soon I will be a nurse, and I will be proud knowing that am doing something positive that will benefit the community.