Tamesha McKnight

March 2014
Class of 2015


I believe this about nursing..."Nursing is a job of service and I want nothing more than to be a servant."

Ever since I was young girl, maybe between ages 13-15, I watched the ladies who would come into the room when I went to the doctor.  They would greet my mom and me with a smile and ask me, “How are you today?”  From those days to now I’ve never seen another individual, in any profession, who showed so much interest in another human being.  It is my experience and belief that a nurse should embody various traits, and of those dedication to health and wellness, compassion and service to man are at the very core.  A nurse should always be aware that throughout her career it is inevitable that she’ll encounter very diverse patients, but the nurse should believe one thing to be true of them all; she is to be compassionate, dedicated, and willing to serve each individual with the same respect as the last.  She’s willing to listen, protect and go the extra mile for the single parent who’s trying to insure her two children get through their asthma flare- ups; compassion.  She should be dedicated to helping the 60 year old man who fell and broke his hip and wants nothing more than to return home to his lonely wife.  A nurse should be willing to serve as an advocate for the 80 year old woman who’s on a fixed income, has no health insurance and can’t afford her $300 medication at the pharmacy.  Being a registered pharmacy technician, I know this scenario all too well and it is part of what I truly enjoy.

As a nursing student I’m striving more and more each day to encompass each trait that a GREAT nurse should have.  This is an occupation of balancing personal life with the demands of a career, and I was taught life is about balance.  Therefore, I’ve decided I want to live my life balancing my own personal issues with health and healing for all my patients.  Nursing is a job of service and I want nothing more than to be a servant.