Steffi Raad

July 2012
Class of 2013


I believe this about nursing..."You have to have dedication and compassion."

In order to be a successful nurse you need to have a lot of dedication and compassion. I think those are two very important characteristics to have in order to deal with the difficulties of this profession. I have always looked up to nurses because it takes a great amount of character to be in the medical field. Specifically, I have always looked up to my uncle and aunt because they are both family practice doctors in South Omaha. I really admire them because they were one of the first Spanish-speaking doctors in the community and they were able to help those who had a language barrier. I hope that someday I can also make a difference in the community like my aunt and uncle.

I am very thankful for the help that this scholarship has given me. This aid has really eased my experience in this intense program. I have not had to worry about my financial situation or worried about working through the program. On my previous college experience I had to have a job to pay for my living expenses and it took away valuable time from my studies. Not only has this scholarship helped me financially, but it has also helped me academically. It has been really helpful having a mentor and doing observation rounds. The observations have been helping me decide on the area that I want to specialize in. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar.