Spencer Smith

December 2010
Class of 2012


I believe this about nursing…"Nursing is an opportunity to use your God given talent and education to provide the world with a dedication to care and healing.”

I have always been interested in the medical field, stemming back to when I was seven years old and playing doctor with a toy stethoscope my parents gave me as a gift. In my college years I wanted to gain experience in the medical field, so I began to take courses in nursing aide and phlebotomy at a local community college. After completing these courses, I used my nurses’ aide certification to work in a long-term care facility. It is this experience that made me want to further pursue a career in nursing.
I believe it takes a special person to be able to provide patients with the care that they deserve and need. As a nurse you are a communicator—communicating with patients in order to gain enough information to understand what their needs and symptoms are. As a nurse you are a healer-- you have the talent and knowledge to heal wounds and illnesses. As a nurse you are an educator--- you educate patients on health promotion and disease prevention. As a nurse you are leader—nurses are leaders in healthcare whose purpose is to maintain a caring environment while properly assessing the needs of their patients.
After working in a long-term care facility as a nursing assistant for two years, it has helped me realize that patients are not simply known by a name or a room number. Each person has a life and a story to tell while they’re surrounded by people who care about them. Each person touches your heart in a different way and I feel compelled to provide the best care possible for each patient while making them feel comforted and at ease. I believe a career in nursing teaches you to work in a fast paced environment where you must organize your responsibilities in order to serve each patient to the best of your ability. You become a part of a patient’s family while you care and heal their illnesses.
I believe experience is a major part of adapting the type care you are able to provide. As new problems arise and as you are put in difficult situations, you learn to use the knowledge that was provided to you in your education to promote a healthy living environment for each patient. Soon, I will be beginning an accelerated nursing program at Kent State University where I hope to become a well educated and efficient nurse. This scholarship has helped relieve the financial stressors that come with trying to pay for a good education. This will allow me to put forward all of my energy and dedication in becoming the best qualified nurse that I can be. It is these qualities that I hope to carry with me as I begin a new stage in my life.