Sophia Kim

July 2010
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing… “Nursing isn’t merely a profession that you choose to go into. It’s a lifelong calling that is a part of you.”

After I got married in 2000, I obtained a position in a hospital as a clinical research coordinator for Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.  I had a close working relationship with the doctors, patients and nurses.  It was an eye opening experience for me.  

I found myself feeling so at home in the hospital setting and I thoroughly enjoyed going to work everyday.  I knew that each day was a new day that would bring new challenges and learning experiences.  Sometimes I explained a new medical procedure to a very anxious family, using words of comfort to calm their fears, while other times I simply held their hand as they cried over hearing a diagnosis for the first time.   I felt fulfilled in my life’s purpose when I was working at the hospital, doing whatever task was needed at that moment.   I felt like I had made a difference in someone’s life everyday.  

As I observed the daily interactions of the nurses, I knew I had found my life's calling.  As I started to look into schools and find my way, we were unexpectedly blessed with starting a family.  I knew my dreams would have to be put on hold, but I didn't want to give up.  I have wanted to become a nurse for 10 years and I am so excited to finally be on my way to making this dream come true. 

In January 2010, I was finally able to start my program at Shenandoah University.  It has been such a rewarding experience and I am excited to be there everyday.  Waiting for so long, I see each day of class as a gift.  It is such a thrill to be back in a classroom setting and an added bonus to be learning about a subject that I have such a passion for. 

Through life experiences and knowing my strengths, I would like to consider a career in either Oncology Nursing or Maternity and Pediatric Nursing.  However, I would also like to use my nursing degree in a global capacity.  I am hoping after I graduate to take a few trips abroad for medical missions and specifically to use my knowledge as a nurse to help the women in India through an organization that frees them from human trafficking.  I hope to use my degree not only at home but wherever I feel a need to go.  I believe that I have been given this chance to pursue nursing for a reason. I am hoping to use it to reach a greater purpose to help those around the world in whatever capacity I am called to do.

I am so grateful to finally be on this journey and for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing scholarship program for providing me with financial assistance and confidence to achieve this goal. I know for some it is just a job that pays the bills, but for me it is who I am and hope to become.   I am so thankful for this opportunity to pursue the dream that I have kept for so long.