Shechianh Stewart

October 2012
Class of 2013


 I believe this about nursing..."I can contribute to patients' well-being through health education."

My aspiration to pursue nursing comes from my compassion and concern for the well-being of people. It began with my decision to study human behavior and cognition in the field of psychology. As I learned about how the brain affects behavior, my interest to include the human body intensified. I found myself gravitating toward nursing and felt I could make contributions to the profession that could ultimately make a difference in the health care field.

I never felt surer of my decision and an eagerness to pursue a nursing career than when I was a nurse volunteer at the Free Medical Clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. The amount of people without health insurance who needed medical care impacted me deeply. Through my experiences at the clinic, I realized the most important aspect for me consisted of helping persons who have medical and socioeconomic needs. It is my desire to work as a healthcare professional and provide my services to those in desperate need of medical attention and who reside in underprivileged communities.

Through my varied volunteer experiences, I realize that as a nurse I can contribute to patients’ well-being through health education. As a health educator I want to inform families and communities about the importance of healthy lifestyles to help reduce health disparities. Moreover, I would like to teach methods of prevention and proper medical treatment for various health issues. I believe health education is an important aspect of the nursing profession that can help increase patient compliance and improve health outcomes.

My nursing education and multifaceted clinical experiences are equipping me with the foundation I need to be a successful nurse. I am learning about the importance of effective communication, being a team player, and about the various career choices in nursing. As I progress in my nursing education I am excited about impacting the healthcare of others and seeking opportunities to help advance the nursing profession. I believe nursing is a profession that involves having a non-judgmental attitude, an empathetic heart and being an advocate for patients. Being a nurse means having a voice – a voice for yourself, a voice for patients, a voice in the community, and a voice for change.

Being a Robert Wood Johnson scholarship recipient has provided me with funds to help make my goals a reality. My ultimate goal is to work as a nurse practitioner and health educator in a venue where I can provide treatment and educate patients about prevention and good health practices. Nursing is my passion and each day I am more pleased with my decision to pursue it as a career. I believe being a nurse is a gift, and soon I will be able to unwrap it and share it to impact the health condition of individuals and families in communities around the world.