Ruddy Estrella Villar

September 2013
Class of 2014


I believe this about nursing... "It is not just a profession, but a convergence of passionate and holistic care to all."

For me, nursing is about more than the continuous routine work of going through rounds, documenting patients’ progress, and carrying out orders for patients in the ward. It surpasses the physiological level of every patient’s needs and breaks down barriers by giving holistic care without prejudice. A nurse alleviates not just the physical discomforts, but comforts patients as they confront sudden changes in their body as well as their life. As I prepare to become a part of this fulfilling profession, I am ready to uphold this principle of nursing.

As a child, I envisioned myself in service not just to my family but to others as well. Growing up in a home of modest means, I was curious early on regarding how health is not just about healing the sick physically, but also dealing with the emotional, social and psychological aspects of life. As the years passed my grandparents suffered multiple illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. I learned to value the essence of caring every time I helped my cousin, a doctor, alleviate the pain and suffering of my grandparents. When my grandparents died during my teenage years, I decided to gain the knowledge necessary to provide compassionate care to others in their time of need.

Due to my family’s limited means, however, I was only able to complete the first two years of nursing school in my native Peru. I ultimately completed my college degree in psychology, a subject that also interested me as I studied the interrelating mental and physiological aspects of health.

Because of a great opportunity, I was given the chance to go to the United States and continue striving for my nursing career. It was a tough journey, however, as I have no relatives living in this country, and I lacked both emotional and financial support as I continued my education. But because of my commitment to be a nurse with quality, substance, and a heart to serve others, I was able to earn good marks, be acknowledged on the dean’s list multiple times, and earn my associate degree. Now, with my motivation to reach my goal and the generosity I recently received from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing Scholarship, I was reaffirmed to focus on my career in nursing.

As much as I see the nursing profession as a convergence of passionate and holistic care, it is also the RWJ Foundation that is bearer of the true passion. With the scholarship, I was able to get through my tuition, books and living expenses without using loans. It has inspired me to further acquire continuing education by making plans to become a nurse practitioner and educator. Once again, I could not be more thankful that this scholarship has been an instrument to make the passion I have for caring into a reality.