Rochelle Rodrigues

July 2012
Class of 2015


I believe this about nursing..."Nursing is most rewarding!" 

A great nurse possesses the qualities of a highly skilled  educator, a selfless and honest caregiver, a dedicated team player, and a health professional with integrity that embraces multiple health complications or challenges, “head on!”  Despite the outcomes, it is the love, compassion heart of a remarkable nurse that creates positive impacts in today’s modern nursing practice.

Through my employment as a Nurse’s Aide, I had the opportunity to bestow distinctive levels of nursing skills for a diverse population who seek medical attention in different health care settings.  Whether it required nursing care in a home, hospital facility, or other alternative health care institutions, I continuously provided these services with optimum pride.  Without a doubt, I positively enjoy taking care of people—young, sick, old, disabled, and even those individuals who had reached their end of life stages.  It has given me the opportunity to grow, as well as to perceive the importance and the true values of a Registered Nurse.

Nursing is most rewarding!  It is the great memoirs of meeting people with different cultures and relationship building among patients and staff that have been most inspirational to me.  However, due to limitations or restrictions that a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) is able to perform, I sometimes would encounter self-dissatisfaction within my scope of practice. Intermittently, I yearned to do more for these patients!  It has given me the aspiration to strive even harder to accomplish my goals and become a Registered Nurse.

It is my earnest desire to become one of the many excellent nurses that share the same importance and gratifying calling of becoming a nurse. However, it requires funding, dedication and devotion to achieve just that! With the financial assistance from Robert Wood Foundation, I will be able to achieve my immediate goal and obtain a master’s degree in nursing at University of Hawaii at Manoa without any reservations.  I sacrificed my previous employment voluntarily to allocate myself to my nursing studies in preparation for the intensity of the MEPN program.  Is it worth it? I believe it is!

 I am confident, and believe that with persistence, endurance, hard work, and dedication, I will thrive in the path of my destiny to become a Registered Nurse.  For the most part, a sentiment of completion will inculcate me as a whole; spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Instilled with great satisfaction, I will be able to practice my expertise and provide the best qualified nursing care to the people of Hawaii and be remembered as one of the many indispensable nurses within the community.