Norma Orellana

February 2014
Class of 2014


I believe this about nursing... "Nursing provides a way for me to combine my love for helping others with my passion for the human body."

    My desire to become a nurse came later in my college education. I have always been fascinated by the human body and the intricate details of how our bodies function. Thus, I always knew I wanted to help others by providing a better way of life for them. However, it wasn’t until I took a physiology course during my junior year of college that I discovered my passion for medicine. I became mesmerized with the material and constantly wanted to learn more. The love I developed for physiology would soon pave the way for my aspiration to become a nurse where I could merge both of my passions, assisting others and the human body.

    My experience as a hospital volunteer allowed me to see the daily operations of the intensive care unit. It was here that I was able to see the passion and commitment these nurses had to better the lives of their patients and the family members who were affected by their loved one’s illness. I developed a strong admiration for healthcare professionals specifically nurses, and yearned to follow in the same footsteps so that I could also positively impact the lives of others one day. Recently, my personal life experiences have greatly intensified my affinity for hospitals and helping others. In December of 2012 my grandmother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and we were given tragic news. Not only was the stroke inoperable but also her doctor was unsure if she would survive. I recall the nurses caring for my grandmother in such a loving and comforting way that I knew one day I wanted to help others in the same way they helped my loved one.

    My grandmother was hospitalized for three weeks before being discharged; the nurses who took care of her were a blessing and became role models for me. Through this I learned one very important lesson. It wasn’t until I was personally affected by adversity that I realized one day I will also have to take care of someone whose family has just received tragic news about their loved one. Although I know it will be a very difficult thing to do, I hope to give the same compassion, love, and peace that were once given to me. 
     I look forward to a career in nursing because it provides a way for me to combine my love for helping others with my passion for the human body. My volunteer work has shown me that I have the skills, patience, and dedication necessary to work in this setting. Furthermore, I have seen first hand how challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding this career can be, and it only strengthens my desire to continue working toward becoming a nurse. The Robert Wood Johnson scholarship has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams and passion so that I can one day have the honor of becoming a nurse who can provide a helping hand for others.