Melissa Tapia

January 2013
Class of 2013


 I believe this about nursing... "Nursing chose me."

To be perfectly honest, I did not want to become a nurse; it was not part of the original plan for my life. I wanted to become a doctor; specifically, a pediatrician. I have had several opportunities in my life to work with children as a babysitter, an emergency medical technician, a camp counselor, and a camp health director. I had the uninformed impression that nurses were doctors subordinate. I was wrong. I found that nurses not only patients recover physically, but also emotionally. I feel like I have made the best decision in my life so far. I would like to advance to the next healthcare levels by becoming nurse, nurse practitioner and a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

I have qualities that I hope will make me a great healthcare provider. I am confident and always have a positive attitude. I work well with others and under pressure, remaining focused and concentrated. I am goal-oriented and like to be challenged yet still very amicable. I am resourceful and practical as well. I also love to learn and am able to pick up things quickly. These qualities and ones I will acquire along the way will help me become a great nurse.

I am a leader in my family. They have set the bar for me and I have succeeded in making that bar higher for my brother, my cousins and even myself. I wanted to make a path for them to follow and succeed in their future endeavors. Learning is a lifetime job; we learn something new every day. I hope to set the pace for them to be successful in whatever they do. I also want to inspire and teach the youth of the Hispanic community as well as other aspiring students toward careers in nursing; the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has given me the opportunity to begin fulfilling this dream.

When I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to work at St. Luke Hospital in Manhattan where I was born. When my grandfather died in that hospital, it did not drive me away from wanting to work in healthcare, it drove me toward it. I believe that nursing is a profession that encourages growth and teamwork as a nurse is an essential part of a multidisciplinary team not only caring for the patient but also advocating, comforting, and educating the patient throughout their hospitalization and discharge.

Nursing is a flourishing profession. I hope to have a role in encouraging others in the profession to succeed, advance, and promote change. Nursing is a job that evolves into a fulfilling career and I am honored to be heading toward such a rewarding profession. I cannot change the world but the greatest sense of accomplishment would be changing just one person’s life throughout my nursing career. It would bring me the biggest feeling of appreciation and I will know that my future as a nurse will have purpose. I believe that I did not choose nursing; nursing chose me.