Marissa Reeber

April 2011
Class of 2012


I believe this about nursing...“Nursing is more than just a job."

Although nursing is valued as a good and secure career, it is so much more than just a job. From my experiences in the hospital I have gained a great understanding and appreciation of the nurse’s role and the many challenges and rewards of this profession.  I have found that nursing allows you the opportunity to touch people’s lives by showing them genuine love and care during a time when they may feel vulnerable or scared.  I find true fulfillment in being able to interact and care for patients, provide support to them and their families, and make a positive impact on their lives.

During my fourth clinical day in the hospital of my first semester at Azusa Pacific University, I really felt the deep satisfaction and joy that comes from taking care of a patient.  I was working on a medical surgical floor, and my patient was suffering from stage IV ovarian cancer.  After seeing her diagnosis, I immediately knew this patient was dealing with a very difficult situation.  Throughout the day I cleaned her, positioned her comfortably, provided pain relief and was vigilant in responding to any of her needs.  I was in the room when the doctor came in to deliver the news that if treatment was withheld, she would have less than two weeks to live, but continuing treatment would mean prolonged pain and suffering with no chance of survival.  I didn’t have all the right words to say to this patient as she was faced with this devastating reality, but I was able to communicate to her that I cared, took the time to listen to her concerns and provided her comfort. 

At the end of the day, my patient’s husband thanked me for the work I had done and told me that I had provided excellent care for his wife.  I felt so completely honored to have been the one to comfort my patient during her time of need, and to make her feel valued by providing appropriate and timely nursing interventions.  I will never forget this patient and the feeling it brought to me knowing that I was able to make a positive impact during a very painful and critical turning point in her life.
I know that nursing is the right career for me and I am so completely grateful for the opportunity to attend nursing school at Azusa Pacific University and pursue this goal.  I am also very honored to have received the Robert Wood Johnson scholarship to help relieve some of the financial burden along this journey.  I look forward to a career in nursing, not only as a job, but as an opportunity to make a difference by serving and providing care, comfort, value, and dignity to the many patients I will encounter.