Mahlique Mathis

August 2013
Class of 2014


I believe this about nursing... "Anyone with the passion, willingness, and stellar work ethic can be a nurse."

I had, until the passing of my great aunt in 2007, believed that mainly doctors were directly involved in the caring of patients. However one of my great aunt’s caretakers continuously had direct involvement in her daily care and was there to ease the worries of my family and me. As she sat with us on several occasions in order to assure that we were continuously informed, I could see the compassion in her eyes, hear the sympathy in her voice and feel the support she gave through her expressions. I later learned that she was not the physician and it was this individual who inspired me to enter the healthcare field in an area geared more towards interacting with patients.

With my program just beginning, I hope to take with me all of the knowledge and skills that will be provided to me so that I may go on to make a positive impact in my future workplace. Graduating from such a program will not only allow me to provide exceptional support to patients and coworkers as a registered nurse, but also the ability to provide leadership expertise. I hope to carry out the goals of the program and aid in developing patient care plans that will not only be beneficial for the patient but also for the patient care team by increasing efficiency and patient care output.

Adding diversity to the nursing profession has also inspired me. Diversity is important in serving as a representation of growth and potential in the field. Many may not consider the nursing field because they seldom see people who look like themselves. By working to diversify nursing we are able to portray that anyone with the passion, willingness, and stellar work ethic can pursue a career in nursing despite race, gender, etc.

I feel that my own characteristics will contribute greatly to the nursing profession. I am a highly motivated individual with the desire to learn and provide all of my knowledge to others. My upbeat personality coupled with my charisma, interpersonal skills, and ability to build rapport with others allows me get to know others well while building a sense of trust. Coming from an underprivileged background, I have dedicated myself to helping individuals like myself who are products of environments categorized by economic disparities, high crime rates, and low high school graduation rates.

Receiving the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholarship has in itself been a blessing. Not only has it provided me with funding but also with the tools and guidance to assure success in my future field. It has awarded me the opportunity to gain financial security, advocate for a cause that I care about, and better myself professionally and personally. This scholarship not only supports my decision to become a nurse but also reinforces it by helping me to become a stellar contributor to the nursing field.