Madhuwattie Parsam

April 2015
Class of 2016


I believe nursing brings out the best in you.  Being only in my first year of nursing school, I have seen a transformation in my life for the better.  

     Nursing school has enabled me to recognize who I am as an individual.  Through self-realization I have learned that I am a compassionate, well rounded individual who is capable of doing anything.  In my first semester I was faced with many difficulties, but I looked forward to every Wednesday to attend my clinical experience at Newark Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, N.J.  At clinical I was at a different state of mind, I was determined to make the lives of others fulfilling either by a, “hello” or a simple gesture as, “how is your day today?”  I enjoy working with the patients and staff because their experiences shape me and my peers as new nurses.  

Nursing is a new door in my career that will leave a cultural and professional sensitivity awareness on me.  The entry to my profession as an excellent scholar and nurse has started at Seton Hall University through the help of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers In Nursing.  It is the scholarship that has made me work harder to ensure I leave a positive influence on perspective students who are questioning the profession.  Although, I was accepted into the program I questioned my success because I was not financially stable.  I continued and without any regret I was awarded the scholarship that ensured me I was destined to become a nurse despite my financial situation.  
I am a mother of two boys, an 11 month old and a 2 year old.  My first semester has been a rough road, but with the support of my family, friends and nursing school family I know I will be able to graduate and become an outstanding nurse.  I will continue to strive for success and I will become an excellent nurse because a good nurse is not good enough.  
A message to all my fellow perspective nursing students…if you’re ambitious and have a compassion to help people at their worst then this is the profession for you!  With the help of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NCIN Scholarship I am able to continue my dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse.  Strive for success and you will be successful!