Lateaseetta Kiggins

April 2012
Class of 2012


I believe this about nursing… “It is fascinating.”

My mother was a single parent who received her Bachelors of Science (BSN) degree when I was still young which led me to become fascinated with the world of medicine and healthcare.  When my pharmaceutical sales contract ended and the economy made one reassess their career choices, I immediately began thinking about going into nursing.

I began researching nursing programs and confirming that I had the prerequisites needed to be eligible to start accelerated programs. Even with the prerequisites in progress, I knew going back to school was not going to be easy. The hardest part was convincing my husband that I would make sure we did not lose our home.  I had not worked full time in over a year by that point, and nursing school costs a lot of money.  He gave his blessing, as terrified as he was, and I did whatever work I could while I finished up my prerequisites.  I applied for every scholarship under the sun and worked two jobs through the summer and by August I was pretty terrified myself.  Then I got a call out of the blue.  “We are pleased to inform you…”  I cannot articulate the weight that was lifted from my shoulders that day.  It did not fix everything, but it knocked down a big barrier and more importantly made me feel like I really was doing the right thing.  I am very grateful for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NCIN scholarship program and for the Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing Program at Salisbury University. 

Ultimately, I plan to become a nurse practitioner because I love the nurse practitioners I have had as my own primary care providers.  In the short term, however, I look forward to becoming the best nurse I can.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and encouragement!