Krystal Edwards

December 2009
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is a path of devotion, hard work and an overwhelming desire to serve those in need.”

Nursing is a path one takes with the intent to carry on God’s will.  This entails a strict devotion, continuous hard work and an overwhelming desire to serve those who are in need of care despite personal circumstance.  Nurses make significant contributions to a patient’s overall well-being by helping to maintain optimal health and by standing as an advocate.  I have dedicated three years to the healthcare industry working as an S.T.N.A. (State Tested Nurses Assistant) in a nursing home facility and as a home health aide in a group home for those with M.R.D.D. (Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities).  My experiences as a nurse’s assistant have motivated me to continue my education so that I can implement a higher level of care for individuals, families and communities in the future as a registered nurse. 
As an S.T.N.A., I have witnessed the behaviors of both good and bad nurses.  A professional nurse is one who adheres to the policies and procedures of the facility and knows how to educate both the patient and their families.  A professional nurse knows the importance of punctuality and that when his/her shift is over, there is sometimes still extra work to be done in order to have the most beneficial outcome for the patient.  When I become a professional nurse, I plan to integrate the lessons learned from practicum, develop my own style and to educate future nursing students with vital information necessary to be successful in this field.  
I intend to work as a trauma nurse in the emergency room because it is both an exciting and versatile discipline.  After gaining work experience for a few years, I would like return to school to acquire an N.P. as a general nurse practitioner.  I want to become a general nurse practitioner because I like the autonomy of having an advanced degree and being equipped to work with all people.  I want to be able to care for and assist diverse populations.
I aspire to be a more educated, skilled and empowered African American woman and I will take the necessary steps to become a professional nurse.  I would like to obtain a degree in nursing so that I can embark on a wonderful career and provide for my family.