Joseph Anthone

August 2012
Class of 2013


I believe this about nursing..."I believe that nursing is about building compassionate relationships with others."

Mary Pipher eloquently stated, “…caring for others is what motivates humans to get out of bed in the morning.” Nursing has given my life purpose. For the first time, I am confident in what I do. I know that I am making a difference. Already in my short nursing career I have been able to share incredibly powerful moments with others. I consider myself very fortunate to be involved in a profession where moments like this happen on a daily basis.

Before switching into nursing, I felt something was missing in my life. Daily interactions with coworkers left me wanting more, knowing that I had special skills that could be utilized in a greater way. Unsure as to how to use these gifts to their fullest, I dabbled in multiple fields including radiology, pathology, and histology. As each experience passed, it was clear that none of these areas offered me what I was looking for. I wanted to connect with the sick, the hopeless, and the frightened on a deeper level. I wanted to combine my positivity and compassion within a health care setting, and nursing has allowed me to blend these qualities each time I set foot on the floor.

Nursing has also molded me into a more complete husband, son, brother and friend. Nursing has pushed me to become a better student, requiring me to put use all the information we gain in lecture. The pace of this program is not for the faint of heart, spirit or mind, yet it seems to have strengthened my resolve and pushed me to be more accountable. I enjoy being able to communicate with other medical staff and solve problems, while always looking out for my patient’s best interest.

I believe that nursing is an incredible way to make an impact on someone’s life. I am constantly putting others before myself, a quality many nurses I have met seem to share. Being able to see beyond a patient and their illness and to assist them back to good health requires a nurse to love unconditionally. For me love is at the center of nursing and to quote Mary Pipher again, “even more important than being loved, is being able to love.”