Jonathan Raffesberger

October 2014
Class of 2017


 I believe this about nursing... 

A year and a half ago my life was altered in a way I could never have imagined. While riding a moped I was hit by a bus and my left knee was shattered. I spent the next eighteen months recovering from two surgeries. The rehab process was the most difficult and painful experience I have ever encountered. I could never have imagined the physical and mental toll this type of injury would have on my body and mind. The hospital stays were long and the physical therapy was grueling. There were many days that I wanted to give up, but every time I found myself falling there was always someone there who made me get back up. That person was usually a nurse. I received my care from a small clinic, with one doctor, a nurse practitioner, and a small team of nurses. The nurses knew my name, my story, my hobbies, my boyfriend, but most importantly they knew what I needed. They knew what I needed to keep going when I was strong. They knew how to pick me up when I fell. They knew that I could push myself even further when I thought I had reached my potential with my recovery.

During my recovery process I realized that I wanted nothing more than to be able to provide others with the care and commitment I received after my accident. I began taking classes at my local community college and was accepted into the Masters Entry in Nursing Program at the University of Hawaii. As a result of my accident I was unable to work, making the financial burden of this program daunting. Receiving the Robert Wood Johnson Scholarship has given me the financial stability and confidence I needed to focus all of my attention on my education. Having access to the knowledgeable mentors and leadership opportunities provided by the foundation has given me the structure to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse.

Thank you Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. I will make the most of very opportunity.