Jeffrey Bose

August 2011
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing… "Nursing not only provides a service to the community, but it rewards the nurse as well."

There aren’t many careers that allows one to witness firsthand the positive impact they have on so many lives. Nursing allows this opportunity.  It also allows them to give back, be hands on, and feel good knowing that they did their best for the sake of others. Nursing is working on the front lines and right in the middle of it all.

I wasn’t always on this career path. Straight out of high school I went to Ohio University with no goals other than, “to go to college.” Needless to say, I was unprepared and my grades surely reflected this. I was given no financial assistance from my family, as during my freshmen year, my mother and step-father began a brutal divorce with a custody battle over my younger siblings. Because of this, I moved in with my grandparents during my sophomore year in Appalachia, Ohio. While I attended classes at the University of Rio Grande, I assisted in taking care of my grandfather, a man who had practically raised me and who had been diagnosed with throat cancer the year before. He passed away and I returned to OU for my junior year.

I was back in Athens, still lacked ambition, but was able to graduate with my B.A. in Psychology and also got married. Utilizing my background in psychology, I began working at Netcare Access, a county funded psychiatric facility, and from there made the connections to begin working for the state at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare. My interest in the medical field sparked while working for these two companies. Working side by side with nurses and physicians, I knew then what I wanted to do and miraculously, my motivation finally appeared.  On July 19th, 2010, my son, Ryan Gomez Bose, Gomez after my grandfather, was born. I at last knew what it meant to be ambitious; to be passionate. I knew now that I must set not only for me but for my family.

I knew I had the abilities to succeed, but I now had the drive and I knew I could achieve any goal placed before me. Working forty plus hours a week to provide for my new family, I took on the prerequisites for the accelerated program full time and excelled. My mind was still burdened though, how could I keep my family financially secure while attending an accelerated program? Ease came with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NCIN Scholarship.

Now, I look forward to my time at Kent State University and can focus on my studies with finally some alleviated financial stress. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation allows people such as me, people struggling financially with families and other obligations in such hard economic times, to return to school and pursue their dreams.