Francisco Coronado

June 2013
Class of 2013


 I believe this about nursing..." It creates an impact." 

I am not your traditional nursing student: male, a parent, and older (41 years old to be exact). I have extensive business experience, but it did not prevent my job from being impervious to the home improvement meltdown. My path towards nursing was triggered by a strong desire to find a stable career, and nursing fit the bill.

When I made my initial decision to transition to nursing, I had notions about the personal rewards that the career offered, plus the scientific component was interesting. However, a very key element about nursing was still abstract: an empowering profession that enables one to make significant differences in people’s lives. I would soon find out in a dramatic way the full meaning of nursing.

The Robert Wood Johnson scholarship provided encouragement, and I proceeded to prepare for nursing school upon receipt. One of the first steps I took was to earn my CPR certification. I did not expect that I would soon put to use my newly acquired knowledge, and much less on my newborn daughter. Within 12 hours of her arrival from the hospital, she had stopped breathing. Had it not been for the CPR class, I would have not known what to do, and was thankful that she did not suffer further complications. At that point, I was impressed by how powerful nursing know-how could be. I also realized if I was able to make such an immense impact with just basic knowledge, I could not imagine what it would be like once I would become a registered nurse.

As I began my courses, I soon encountered many situations through my clinicals where I was able to get a further taste of what it was like to leverage my knowledge, and reap personal rewards. They have ranged from preventing complications to helping a birthing mother with her care. From these broad experiences I found myself playing roles where I contributed to the health of patients, and thus touching their lives.

As I look back at my past professional life, I have had numerous interesting experiences. However, the satisfactions derived from the past are overshadowed by those generated from nursing. It is amazing how empowering leveraging nursing know-how can be, and I can’t wait to graduate and take the next step with my new career. As I continue with my endeavors, I hope to contribute to the Foundation’s efforts to improve people’s health.