Eric Harvester

February 2013
Class of 2013


I believe this about nursing... “Nursing is not just a job, it is certainly a calling.”

Although I have long been fascinated with the medical field, I did not take my first tangible step into it until after I graduated from high school, when I became a fire fighter. Since then, I have been able to help people in ways that range from banal to critical. The truly appreciative patient is all the payment that I have needed to want to come back every day. While my patients have benefited from my medical care, I have also benefited from having them as patients. They, collectively, have changed me as a person. The gentle squeeze of an old lady's hand and the unexpected hug from a frightened child have kept my heart warm in an often cold world. I am confident that this mindset and my passion to deliver caring healthcare makes nursing an exceptional fit for me. I feel that I bring a uniquely optimistic view of tomorrow that is also sobered with the realization of the reality that medical care is not and cannot always be perfect. Perfect, however, is a utopian goal that is worth striving for that we may continue to better serve our population and our patients in general.

In my opinion the single biggest problem that healthcare in America is facing today is access to care. It is truly unfortunate that while we have advanced as a country and as a society in so many ways, we seem to have made little progress in some arenas. It does not seem fair to me that our country spends so much money helping out so much of the global population, but all too often the basic needs of our own people are overlooked. I do not see myself starting a revolution to change what I view as social injustice. Instead, I would like to address the problem one patient at a time. I see myself working in an extremely rural area or a very large urban area in a primary care setting. I will always be able to provide at least basic medical care to people regardless of whether or not they have money and insurance. This is not a revolution of thought, I know, but with time and more like-minded individuals, I believe that this particular problem could be reduced.

For me, nursing is so much more than just a career; it is a calling. It is a calling that has grown from a whisper to a shout. I can say with confidence that this is the career path that is meant for me. My goal as a nurse is to make a difference every day. One hand to hold at a time. One tear to dry at a time. One open ear at a time. Indeed, one patient at a time, I will do my best to care for the whole person. This is nursing, and this is why I am answering this call.