Darlene Lamb

August 2010
Class of 2010


I believe this about nursing… “My nursing school journey transformed, enlightened and inspired new colors in me.”

My nursing school journey was 18 months of deep, daring and dynamite moments that transformed my life.  My classes were fast and furious, the information plentiful and exact, and the teachers  knowledgeable and expectant.  These crucial elements assisted in the development of my personal nursing philosophy, which embraces mentorship healing via education, exercise, environment and encouragement.  They also promoted my evolution into an adventurous team leader with enhanced communication skills and a passion for community health education.  My journey was filled with real colorful moments; therefore, I have chosen to express them through the colors red, yellow and blue.  This primary color set can be used to make other colors; therefore, they could be considered agents of change.  They are representative of my nursing school journey which has transformed, enlightened and inspired new colors in me.

My first weeks of class were red moments and these were passionate and really hard.  Sometimes, I experienced anxieties and fears that made me want to give-up.  It was my family, mentors and teachers cheering for me that gave me the courage to persevere.  Later, at the half way point my moments became yellow.  I was cautious, doubtful and inquisitive.  I often questioned myself and my new nursing skills with questions like—“Do I really have what it takes to be a nurse?”  The answer to this question was provided by nursing opportunities which challenged me to apply my new skills in multiple settings.  This process strengthened my confidence and enhanced my skills.  Finally, about two months before the end of the program, I experienced my blue moments.  I felt confident and secure.  This is when the utilization of confident critical thinking and proficient nursing vocabulary was evident in me.  I knew I was ready to be a nurse. 

My nursing school journey began with a primary purpose and has exploded into so much more.  I now see many new colors I have never seen before they are the vibrant and effervescent colors of nursing.  They are visible in multiple areas like- community health education, maternity rotations, multicultural awareness, and patient advocacy.  They exist to promote life, healing and health in living color!   I want to thank Norfolk State University Nursing Department and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the opportunity to become a nurse.   This awesome journey has changed me and I look forward to sharing the fruits of my transformation.  I am a nurse.

Ms. Lamb is currently a licensed registered nurse in the state of Virginia. She is employed as the clinical research supervisor for advanced pain management. She is seeking a registered nurse position within the local area hospitals.  In the fall of 2011, she would like to return to school to begin studies in the field of public health with emphasis on health maintenance via education and research.