Daniel Lichter

January 2011
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing…”Dedication, determination, and passion ultimately lead to a successful and rewarding career in Nursing.”

As a child I observed an amazing array of kindness and good deeds that my family performed for relatives, friends, and strangers alike. My dream was to somehow emulate their ways and further spread the loving and caring actions that I witnessed first-hand from them. After seeing many health care professionals at work, I realized that this career would surely allow me to achieve this dream as I was always intrigued by the human body and its many facets. How could such an organism be created and function in the way a human being indeed functions?! This question still baffles me today. My BSc degree in Biology did ever-so-slight justice in quenching my thirst for this knowledge.
My passion in the healthcare field enticed me further into becoming a NYS-certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for a Volunteer Ambulance Corp in NYC. Even with my heavy course load I volunteer thousands of hours in caring for and treating people who find themselves in life-threatening situations from both medically-related and accidental events. A patient feeling ill at home or in a hospital setting desires but one thing--knowing that they are in the hands of people who will advocate on their behalf while ensuring their survival to the best of their ability. Capturing a patient’s smile when that objective is achieved is the best reward for such service.
I was ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. I decided to pursue a career in nursing after speaking to several friends and family members who were already in the field and boasted about their tremendous job satisfaction. I have always said that there are many other careers that are less demanding and require less schooling that seemed more enticing to pursue. However, I instantly refuted that proposition by understanding that I would never be happy at any sort of work unless I was a nurse. I applied to Stony Brook University and was accepted into their one-year accelerated Bachelor to RN program. Although I was warned about the intensity and rigorous nature of the program, I was not deterred from pursing my life-long goal of helping those in need. Dr Lori Escallier, Associate Dean at Stony Brook School of Nursing, constantly reminds me that “new beginnings are always tough. However, beginnings do end and your success will ensue before you realize.”
Being past the half-way mark into my program, I can honestly testify that this has been the best decision of my life. I have gained knowledge about the human body that far surpassed my expectations. The more information I encounter, the more I begin to plan for where I’m heading next. My goal is either to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Anesthetist. Whichever path I take, I hope to continue spreading my experiences and enlighten people about the vast opportunity that exists in the nursing profession today. The skills I have and continue to acquire from the talented and dedicated professors at Stony Brook University’s School of Nursing, will set me in good standing to face every challenge in the field and succeed with excellence. 

I would like to personally thank the Robert Wood Johnson New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Foundation for ultimately allowing me to fulfill my childhood dreams and aspirations. Experiencing and delivering patient care during our clinical rotations puts a smile on both mine and my patients’ faces. Hearing a patient say, “you made my day,” means the world to me. I hope to continue healing patients for many years to come.