Christopher Schayer

March 2015
Class of 2017


 I believe this about nursing…that it is a profession unlike any other.

While there are many careers that allow one to positively impact the lives of others, there are few that strive to serve ALL people, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, gender identity, past life circumstances or ability to pay.  Nurses care for people, not “patients,” “clients,” or “customers.”  They take the time to get to know the individuals they serve, so that they can best utilize their incredible knowledge base, clinical skills, and personal life experiences to help, heal, and educate.  Their reach is so vast, that they can help an individual pass on in a comfortable way or welcome a new life into the world. Nurses help people during their worst moments or happiest moments of life.  They work with the terminally ill or the fittest and healthiest of individuals.  Regardless of the situation, nurses unconditionally care about the people they serve! They answered the calling to “do no harm,” and as a result, work day in and day out, to positively affect all areas of the “whole individuals” they serve.   

As a former middle school educator, I have a deep passion, and craving, for lifelong learning.  After several years of helping young adolescents, both in and out of the classroom, my desire to help in more dire situations, along with my love of learning, led me to the field of acute care/emergency nursing.  Changing roles from teacher to student, I now have the unique opportunity to not only learn and comprehend new material, but also formulate it in a way that is understandable to the individuals I serve.  

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has given me the greatest gift of all, that of an outstanding education.  They have allowed me to pursue a passion, and as a result, have helped to create a caring and compassionate nurse that will touch the lives of many.  I am indebted to, and eternally grateful for, the assistance they have provided and can only hope to live up to the expectations of the many exceptional nurses that came before me.