Benedict Ugwuh

October 2012
Class of 2014


I believe this about nursing..."It is an art and applied science to assist people at the mos vulnerable times, doing for them those things they cannot do for themselves at that particular time." 

After taking care of my father who was suffering with diabetes for many years, I realized that nursing is for me. Earlier, I had a myopic idea and definition of nursing. I was one of those who erroneously thought that a man’s recognized professional endeavor should be rooted in the fields of engineering, medicine, law, military, etc. After the death of my father, I realized that a life well lived and fulfilled, is a life that cares for others.

Nursing is more than a job. It is being in the business of people one patient at a time. It encompasses patient care with compassion, advocacy, a strong sense of feeling, and satisfaction for helping others. In just a few short months, nursing transformed my life in helping me to become a better and understanding person. It has taught me the essence of team work, the importance of leadership, and critical thinking—qualities I probably would not have acquired in other fields of human endeavor. Although I am still a student, nursing has touched my relationship with friends, family, and other people I encounter every day in my daily life.

I cannot be more grateful to the Robert Wood Johnson New Careers in Nursing scholarship. My desire and dream to attend nursing school would not have been possible without the RWJ scholarship. I had lost hope of starting the program this year, till my program coordinator informed me that I was a strong candidate for the scholarship.

Nursing is an exciting profession and I will be writing more about it as I continue to climb the nursing ladder.