Ashley Moore

September 2010
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing… “Nursing aims to advocate and help people in underserved areas.”

I believe that as a future nurse I will have the privilege of advocating and helping people in marginalized communities. It seems as if those who are in the need of healthcare are the ones who tend to go without, and I want to help bridge that gap.  Nursing delivers care that is both efficient and patient-centered, and I could not imagine a more rewarding field to be a part of.
My interest in becoming a nurse was sparked by two distinct events. In 2003, I received news that most daughters would never want to hear – my mother had breast cancer.  In order to combat this horrible monster, surgery had to be performed in conjunction with radiation treatments. In my family’s quest to be supportive, we accompanied my mother to all of her appointments, and it was during those visits where we were amazed at the quality of care and attentiveness that the nursing staff provided. It was there in that hospital where I soon developed my deep admiration for nurses.
After I graduated college I took a position in the healthcare insurance industry.  My dream of feeling a sense of duty and an air of accomplishment through my work was short lived with that position. With a strong passion to educate and to serve as an advocate for those in underserved areas, it became clear to me that I needed to change paths. I reflected back to my experience with the nurses who cared for my mother in 2003, and I knew pursuing a career in nursing was the answer.
With my experience working in the healthcare insurance industry, it brought to my attention the rise of consumer driven models of healthcare management.  These models increase the responsibility of the patient in regards to their health decision making.  Thus, in the near future there will be a growing need for nurses to serve as both patient educators and health advocates. My passion for nursing is tied in with this vision.
Upon completing the Bachelor of Science in nursing, I plan on obtaining a Doctorate of Nursing Practice where I will focus on Family Practice. The decision to pursue a doctorate was fostered by my experience volunteering on the Skilled Nursing unit where I shadowed nurse practitioners in family practice settings.
As a nurse practitioner I plan to help lead the way as new care delivery models are introduced. My main focus on illness and treatment of diseases will be to educate and focus on re-balancing the orientation of wellness and holistic care, as well as providing a greater emphasis on prevention of diseases, illnesses and injuries.
Receiving the New Careers in Nursing and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation scholarship is a phenomenal opportunity. I took a diplomatic approach in financing my pre-requisite courses by working and saving money because returning to school as a full time student while leaving the security of a full time job was a scary thought. The decision to seek out a new career in nursing has been a long, but worthwhile process, and I seek comfort that there are programs offered to help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a successful nurse.