Allison Clark

July 2010
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing… “Nursing is science, art and a powerful tool to care for others.” 

As a nurse, I feel that I will be able to make a positive impact as a caregiver, educator, and community leader.  As an undergraduate, I spent a great deal of time volunteering at a free clinic serving multiple rural counties in the area where I grew up.  My time at the clinic allowed me to see the faces affected by the health care disparities so prominent in our country today.  I was able to see how the lack of information and education about health was leading so many people to be debilitated by completely preventable conditions and I knew that in some way, I wanted to be able to help.  In the role as a nurse, I will be able to use the knowledge I have to care for others, educate them and help them lead a healthier life.
In my work experience during and after college, I have been very fortunate to work in a variety of health care settings and see a wide range of health care professions.  It is my belief that nurses encompass such a wide range of roles that it is truly the ideal profession for someone who wants to make a difference- large or small- in the lives of individuals and communities as a whole. 

From an emergency department nurse helping a patient in a trauma, to a research nurse alleviating the concerns of a Alzheimer’s patient's caregiver, or a public health nurse leading an information session on hypertension, the role of the nurse is both diverse and similar. Nurses use knowledge, compassion, and humanity to help others in a way they cannot help themselves.
I am very excited to begin my journey in nursing at Loyola.  I feel very fortunate to have found my calling in life, and am so appreciative of the experiences and people who have helped me get to this point.  With the help of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing scholarship, I will be able to alleviate some of the financial burden that goes along with pursuing a second degree.  As a non-traditional college student, it can be increasingly difficult to be able to afford to return to school, especially in such an accelerated program where it truly would be impossible to work full time. This scholarship will allow me to dedicate myself fully to obtaining the knowledge and skill sets necessary to be the most effective nurse possible. 

Nursing is a profession that uniquely blends science and medicine with humanity in a way that truly changes lives.  The role of the nurse as a caregiver, educator and advocate appeals to me in a way that no other profession ever could.  I look forward to being able to use my personal strengths and past learning experiences to make a positive impact on my patients, colleagues and communities.