Ada Contreras

January 2011
Class of 2011


I believe this about nursing…"the field of nursing is both an art and a science; nursing cannot have one without the other."

Whenever someone gets hurt I pride myself on being there for them willing to help. I initially went to college for Hospitality Management where I thought I could interact with others and help them through tough situations. However, I recognized that this not what I was looking for because it wasn’t the level of care where you can touch other people's hearts.  It wasn’t until the reward I felt when I assisted my grandmother care for my grandfather who was dying from Alzheimer’s disease did I realize what I was looking for. 
I believe nursing is an art because it compliments an array of emotions and senses. Nursing is also a science because it involves care that is proven through evidence based practice. Nursing requires applying the art of caring, creativity, and good customer service skills while applying the science of human physiology.
The art of caring for the needs of the patients is necessary to provide good quality care. The passion of how someone thinks for another is an art expressed in many ways.  In order to provide quality health care, a nurse must have the passion to help others and skillfully deliver that care. A good nurse will strive to meet every individual’s needs. This is when creativity comes in to play because each patient is going through a different situation. A nurse must be artful in dealing with each and every one of them. In addition, art is a way of expression which is why delivering good customer service is an art that nurses must master.  Nurses must be able to understand varying cultures and religious beliefs to provide patients with the proper treatment.
The science of the nursing career starts with understanding the human physiology. For example, a doctor can prescribe the patient with medicine that can cure the patient, but it can also cause the patient to suffer from severe side effects. By understanding the human physiology, a nurse can perform the right procedures and question a procedure that does not provide the expected effect. Every day, a nurse’s job is different. It is a career where one should be prepared to perform self-assessment, diagnose the patients’ health problem, and come up with a standardized care plan.
Being able to have the support and the mentoring program of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation- New Career in Nursing Scholarship will assist me to excel my knowledge and skills to succeed in school. In addition, the educational support will not only benefit me in school, but will also assist me at providing patients with the best quality of care that is necessary to touch their heart. After all, nursing is both an art and a science and both must be applied to have a successful outcome.