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An important piece of the education model, mentorship allows both the student and nurse leader to develop a practical and intellectual relationship. Professional nurses are able to provide students with a tangible connection to their future careers and encourage a safe place for the exchange of questions and information. Especially in rigorous accelerated degree and master's programs, mentorships help students translate theory into practice and prepare students to become nurse leaders. Often, these ventures turn into rewarding, continuous and meaningful relationships.

NCIN scholars speak for themselves. The passion, dedication and commitment to nursing has distinguished these men and women from others in their field of study. Your knowledge and experience can help prepare these scholars and usher them into the next generation of nurse leaders.

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Mentorship opportunities are a valuable way to learn more about the health care setting through the eyes and ears of someone in the field. Upon request, NCIN can help connect you with a nurse professional in your area. To learn more about this mentorship program click

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Maximizing Your Mentoring Relationships

In 2009, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Physician Faculty Scholars Program created a resource manual for mentors and mentees looking to foster a successful and effective relationship. In Maximizing Your Mentoring Relationships, Dr. Susan Murphy describes the role of both mentor and mentee and the strategies necessary to improve the relaying and understanding of knowledge. This manual is a great tool to access as you consider and begin mentoring relationships. For tips on how to avoid roadblocks in mentor relationships, develop listening skills, and open up lines of effective communication, read Dr. Murphy’s recommendation.